Uxas OmegaSecrets of the Darkseid

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Arrival of Uxas

The Sweep

July 16, 2022 — Etherscan detects a powerful energy spike of unknown origin, alarming the Seekers:

An unknown force has entered the fray.

40 Legion Fighters swept?

Just weeks after the Search for Lost Fighters was concluded, might Seekers have a new adventure to embark on? And so what if many still suffer from the PTSDismal Pug nightmares... I guess we'll just have to suck it up.

The First Contact

July 17, 2022 — Unknowingly, our very own shrEDA provokes the mystery sweeper to make the first of many strategic moves.

shrEDA's purchase of a 0.056eth Fighter and the subsequent comment about it results in the anonymous donation of exactly the same 0.056eth from the mystery sweeper: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xa807291c002d959dd723311875b42abec00f108b1b4d258fc622186967ab3d2ashrEDA 0.056 purchase
Followed by another transaction from the same address, containing an encoded message for shrEDA: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xf8e4061ddcf45d5d58cfd17b8f0461f8d719cb7e05f60c1518a48b449315c2ceMessage from Uxas on Etherscan"A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him." — David Brinkley

Shortly after the first contact, the following events unfold:

  • The mystery sweeper registers an ENS domain name and assumes the identity of Uxas.eth
  • They acquire Fighter #1503 for 0.45eth — it was the only listed Fighter with the total boost of 300, which proves that they've done their homework. It is likely that they've been using Oracle to discover the special kind of Fighters. It must be someone from the community that we know...

    PS: Fighter #1503 sports the JacK (Kirby) helmet as well.
    PPS: It's an imposing Chaos Fighter, very fitting Uxas, well played.
    PPPS: It was Stevie's PFP, so obviously Uxas is trying to tell us it's Stevie himself ;)
  • shrEDA attempts to thank Uxas for the friendly gesture, receiving another cryptic message of wisdom in response, via Blockscan Chat:

    "When you learn, teach, when you get, give. See you in the Arena, amico."

    The first part is a famous quote by Maya Angelou.
    Italian 'amico' had to have been used because Uxas witnessed an Italian conversation between Void and shrEDA in #Chat earlier. Neither of them is actually Italian, FYI.

  • After being provoked in #Chat, and thus proving once more that they're constantly monitoring activity there, they acquire Fighter #2028 and quickly equip it with likely the most optimal weapon, before sending some of the acquired Fighters into the training programme.

The Awakening

July 21, 2022 — The real fun begins.

Uxas deploys a Manifold-powered smart contract and mints an NFT collection titled "Princely Poems".
It features 12 editions of an NFT titled "Chapter 1":

The "Chapter 1" NFT description is simple: "Awake. 12/1970"
Collection description reads: "The Truth is Out There"

10 of the 12 Editions are listed for sale, priced at 0.042eth (are we memeing now?)

The image is most curious — at first glance it seems to be a (botched) AI generated word soup, and the ingredients are Starkade terms and (misspelled) OG Recruiter names: The first poemStarkadians mentioned: @Pinsky, @Base, @Voidseeker, @CosplayFlower, @MunkayMagic

At this point we know Uxas is keeping a close eye on the #Chat, and details of the Poem only confirm this further. All the OGs mentioned were active in #Chat at or around the time Uxas carried out his secret activities. Signalnoise's Mom & Dad (real account) were jokingly called suspects in this case, hence the very last line — "Love Mom Dad Noise" — which, again, seems like a nonsensical AI text generator mashup.

Things get quiet for a few days, but Uxas has really gotten our full attention now and we can't stop speculating on their identity and intentions.


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